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International Noise Awareness Day - April 24, 2019
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CBC NewsSep 13, 2011
TV ad volumes must be lowered
full story

CBC News – Aug 20, 2011
Windsor shaken and stirred by rumbling
full story

Globe & Mail – Jul 21, 2011
Hearing loss in teens linked to second-hand smoke
full story

Ars Technica – Dec 2, 2010
CALM Act passed, will quiet loud TV commercials within a year (US)
full story

Globe & Mail – Aug 17, 2010
Turn it down: Teen hearing loss up 30 per cent
full story

Globe & Mail – Jun 14, 2010
Rights group files for injunction against G20 ‘sound cannon’
full story

Globe & Mail – Jun 5, 2010
Noise annoys in the workplace
full story

Toronto Star – May 27, 2010
Toronto police get 'sound cannons' for G20
full story

Globe & Mail - Dec 24, 2009
Toronto Councillor defends move to quiet Queen West
full story

Globe & Mail - Sep 28, 2009
Is your iPod damaging your hearing?
full story

Globe & Mail - Aug 26, 2009
Quebec town bans noise on Sundays
full story

Globe & Mail - Feb 13, 2008
Noisy restaurants
full story

Globe & Mail - Oct 2, 2007
Noise harming pupils and teachers
full story

Telegraph - Aug 23, 2007
Noise having huge impact on health
full story

Globe & Mail - Jan 2, 2007
Ontario looks to cut workplace noise
full story

Vancouver Sun Dec 5, 2006
Hockey noise a hazard
full story

Globe & Mail - Jan 12, 2006
Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow
full story





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